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Meet Sarah.

Interior Design Is Visual Storytelling

A Note From Sarah Ripley, New England Interior Designer

Even if I moved into a little tiny tent, I couldn’t help but to add purpose and style to every little corner. To build up excitement and feeling with each and every aspect. That’s true with the oceanside bed and breakfast that catches my eye, the farmhouse that feels fresh and eclectic with nods to its history and the hundreds of interior design projects I’ve carried out for high-end builders. 

"I make every design move in an effort to build an atmosphere that is unlike any other, telling a story that you can live in, add to and remember."


A Well-Traveled Approach

Honoring cultures, bringing out historical elements, telling stories — I use interior design so that you feel like you’re traveling to a moment, be it a flash of nostalgia in an updated farmhouse, an instance of relaxation in a ski-side rental or the pure enjoyment of seeing the creative process through to the end. I've spent the last 10 years refining my trade, but the last 30 collecting inspiration.

The Philosophy
Followed With Every Project 

The top five.


Undefined by current trends.


Exploring outside of the box.


Unafraid of interesting selections.


Bringing out the historical elements of the home.


Creating character with every choice.

About Sarah Ripley

Layer By Layer.

01. Ten Years In The Making

Before founding Ripley Design Co., I applied this drive for creating beauty to another business — growing it from a 2 person team to a 12 person design firm and showroom. I was in and out of construction sites dealing with project management, design, sales, ordering and billing. We worked cabinet sales and full-blown remodels in addition to selling and coordinating the install for hard finishes (tile, countertops, etc.). You could say that I learned by fire.


Although I love every phase, developing the initial concept is truly my favorite part — creating the vision of what the space could be. I can’t help but to dive into the nooks and crannies, the cozy window seat that you’ll sip your coffee from every morning or that light-filled corner in the living room where you’ll find yourself catching up on the latest read.

02. From Colorado To Vermont

I’ve spent a lot of time in the embrace of Vermont’s solitude, so when it came time to branch out on my own as an interior designer, I chose this slow-paced life. Living here, surrounded by nature, is like living in design. Full of color and textures — everywhere you look is beautiful and functional — immersed with the adventures of skiing and hiking. 


While I miss the Colorado mountains and continue to work with clients there, this is home now. This balanced way of living, appreciating the connections and moments, is how I approach design — helping professionals retreat similarly from their busy lifestyles.

03. I Found A Knack For Creating Beauty From Chaos.

In my life, and in design. Whether it's an old home or a worn out piece of furniture, I have endless energy for unearthing the beauty and purpose that is already there. And if we’re starting with a blank page, I slow down, paying attention to the smallest details and the bigger picture to tie it all together.


This likely stems from my love of meditation, my travels through India and the yoga studio I once managed. The contrast of high-impact decisions with restful focus adds clarity to my craft.

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The Assistants That Deserve A Few Accolades

Yes, they are adorable.

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FYI, I'm Not Afraid To Charter A New Path

Exploring outside of the box is part of the job description if you ask me. While I’m aware of current trends, I won’t let them define anything we do. If you ask for something interesting or intriguing, a solution we have to find that is outside the ordinary, I won’t flinch.

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